Jackpot Games

Finding the best NetEnt casinos for our dedicated followers is not enough for us at this site, we also want to give you the lowdown on the highest paying games available! And those games are without a doubt the jackpot games available from NetEnt. These are the games you play that can literally turn your world around 360 degrees with just the spin of the reels. For everyone who has ever dreamt of being able to afford the luxuries in life, these are the games you need to be playing when you log onto your favourite NetEnt casino. Yet another reason to choose NetEnt.

What is a jackpot game?

A jackpot game has all the usual features of a great NetEnt game whether it be a slot, table game or mini game. However there is one unique point that sets it apart from regular casino games, and that is the jackpot prize. This prize can start from small amount but can reach amounts that are in the millions. The great thing about playing a jackpot slot is that you don’t need any extra special effort or skill in order to be in with a chance to win the prize jackpot at any of the best NetEnt casino jackpot slots. You simply continue as you would with a normal game, but with the excitement bubbling in the background knowing that any moment now your life could be changed for good.

Types of NetEnt jackpots

There are more than one type of NetEnt jackpot game available at all of the best NetEnt casinos. Which leaves the choice of which one to play purely down to you. So we have taken it upon ourselves to explain all the various jackpots that you can go for and what they mean to your bank balance. Here are some key points to look out for when choosing a jackpot game:

Local jackpots

Local jackpots are jackpots that are specific to one casino or all casinos that operate on the same network/company. This means that the jackpot prize only increases when players from the local casino or network of casinos place bets. That doesn’t mean that these games cannot offer substantial prizes. It all depends on how many players’ place bets at the particular game and how frequently the pot is won. You can find one of these jackpot slots or games at all the best NetEnt casinos. A few examples of these local jackpot games are:

• Mega Joker – this is a classic slot which is very popular and usually has a large pot
• Icy Wonders, Tiki Wonders, Geisha Wonders – These 3 slots are part of the Wonders trilogy. Although they are local jackpots, these 3 games boast 2 jackpot prizes which is shared between the 3 games. The jackpots are called the Wonder and Mega Wonder pot.
• Caribbean Stud – This is a table game with a local jackpot for all the table game lovers out there.

Pooled jackpots

Pooled jackpots are the games with the biggest pots. This is down to the fact that all the NetEnt casinos pool the jackpot prizes together to create a huge amount that is often in the millions. All online casinos that use NetEnt software and provide this game will pool all the jackpot money together so that one lucky winner can reap the enormous benefits. The bigger the prize money pot gets the more players the game attracts, and since these are always progressive jackpots the pot continues to grow. Below are some of the most popular jackpot games found at NetEnt casinos:

• Mega Fortune – This slot is arguably the most popular jackpot slot in the world. The prizes that this NetEnt game has to offer are off the charts and unrivalled by any other game on the market today.
• Hall of Gods – Besides having 3 jackpot prizes to win (mini, midi and mega) this has a bonus game and much more to offer. So players, take note you can have fun and earn money whilst waiting for the big prize to be yours.
• Arabian Nights – This Arabian gem often has jackpot prizes in the millions. Definitely a favourite to play if you want to live the life of riley.

Progressive jackpots

A progressive jackpot is how the majority of best NetEnt casino jackpot games are made up. This basically means that a small percentage of every single bet from every player that plays on the game in question is added to the prize pot. The pot is emptied once a lucky player hits the big time, and the then the jackpot is progressively filled again by the game enthusiasts.

NetEnt jackpot game makes the Guinness book of records

To get an idea of how enormous the winnings of a jackpot game are, you can check out the Guinness book of records! The most popular NetEnt slot – Mega Fortune has made it onto the pages of this iconic book. This slot that can be found at most best NetEnt casinos has always had a reputation for making players millionaires and changing the course of their life for good. However, some of the wins are so phenomenal that they hold the world record. One lucky fellow from Finland won the mind blowing amount of €17,861,813 in January 2013. It goes without saying that since this win Mega Fortune slot has only gained more and more popularity with players trying to make it into the millionaires club.
Besides the winnings that jackpot games offer, they are also fun-packed games that offer hours of endless excitement, great themes and amazing graphics and effects. No Matter which jackpot game you choose, as long as it is a NetEnt game you will not be disappointed. Win the jackpot or have fun trying!

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