Jack Hammer

Jack HammerJack Hammer slot is one of the most popular and most loved slots from NetEnt and can be found on all the best NetEnt casinos. It is a game that has players coming back regularly to play this addictive slot. This is a game that has the ability to turn each player into winner with its high pay out and sticky win feature. Besides that though the game also has a story to tell, which keeps the intrigue going that little bit longer.

Firstly, let’s get acquainted with the famous Jack Hammer. This is one of the coolest guys to ever star in a NetEnt casino game. Jack is the main character that we meet when we log onto a NetEnt casino to play one of the amazing games available. He plays the super cool and streetwise detective Jack Hammer. During this slot he is on a mission to save New York City from the tyrant who goes by the name Mad Doctor. This mad doctor character is a lunatic who wants to ravage the city that our friend Jack has sworn to protect.

The game is a spinoff of a cartoon type movie such as Mike Hammer that was released way back in the 1950’s. The whole feel of this great NetEnt slot is the comic book feel, once you start playing this game it is no longer about winning. The theme, colours, graphics, and sound effects all add to the attraction of the this great slot. When you are playing Jack Hammer at the best NetEnt casinos you will notice that there isn’t a background tune constantly playing, but rather just exciting sound effects when you get a winning bet line and start with the amazing Sticky win feature that really gets the heart beating.

Jack Hammer’s sticky wins!

Jack Hammer doesn’t have a bonus game like other slots such as Mega Fortune which has a bonus game that can lead to a multimillion euro jackpot prize! However Jack the private eye does have a feature that can make the wins keep on coming and coming. This is the sticky win feature that makes this game so moreish. Every single win is actually a sticky win when you play this game at any of the bets NetEnt casinos. So as soon as 3 or more symbols match on the individually spinning reels the stickiness begins. Since every reel spins separately you can accumulate more and more wins in every spin.

In some cases all the reels will be covered in the same symbols or wilds. This means the chances of winning are enormous in a NetEnt game like Jack Hammer. The sticky win feature ends when there are no more winning lines on the spin. No need to worry though as this is a slot that just loves to provide its bets feature on an extremely regular basis.

The maximum bet that can be placed for this slot at any casino powered by NetEnt is €250, but the maximum win in any one spin is 250000! That is 1000 times the maximum bet, which make NetEnt’s Jack Hammer one of the fastest ways to turn your hundreds in thousands or if you’re lucky maybe even more. Another reason to play Jack Hammer, and you don’t need to be a detective to figure this out, is the free spins.

The free spins at Jack Hammer slot can give players up to 30 free spins, which of course all give the chance to get sticky wins. So not only are you spinning for free but you are winning more coins due to the symbols sticking in their place. When you add up all these fantastic reasons to play, it becomes evident why this is NetEnt slot that will stand the test of time, no matter how many snazzy new games are released.

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